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Languages & Cultures

Having grown up as a German native speaker in Switzerland with Egyptian roots, I have always been interested in languages and cultures. After school, I traveled Europe and Asia and then studied social anthropology and Indology at the University of Zurich, where I also learned some Hindi and Arabic. 

In 2012 I left university for a trip to South America. I lived there for three and a half years, while working as an English teacher, a Spanish to German tour interpreter and a Spanish to English translator among others. At the same time, I established a deep contact to this continent, its natural and cultural diversity.

         Studying translation
South America

When I returned to Switzerland in 2016, I had learnt some Portuguese and was fluent in Spanish. In order to refine my skills, I decided to study translation. At the same time, I worked as a language teacher.

After completing the CAS in Translation, I travelled again for two years while working as a freelancer for different agencies, exploring permaculture, life in community and sustainable living. Meanwhile, I have settled in Portugal and honed my language skills through self-study. I now also offer my services in French and Portuguese.

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